The Roaming Team of the Mobility Development Group is a leading wireless industry forum that addresses the roaming challenges and opportunities of carriers with 3G, LTE and evolving technologies worldwide.

We are in a unique position to bridge the knowledge and experience gap that exists in multi-technology roaming.

The focus of this objective is to help prepare legacy 3G and under represented operators for the transition to new technologies and for managing multiple networks.

  • Determine deltas for 3G to LTE roaming - Many of the challenges faced in adding LTE are the same regardless of what technology operators started out with but there are a few decisions that are unique to 3G operators. Our team strives to identify and document those challenges so operators have the information they need to make the right decisions for their company.
  • Evaluate the focus of the IRT - Roaming used to apply to using the network of another company but with so many operators managing multiple networks their own subscribers are effectively roaming between their own networks. One of the priorities of the team is to determine how to best serve our members in this changing landscape even it if means going a bit outside our previous charter.
  • Education - Much of the terms and concepts for LTE roaming and LTE in general are foreign to legacy 3G operators. Through educational presentations, expert speakers, tools, resources and a forum for like minded operators to exchange experiences we bridge the gap between 3G and LTE so operators can focus on the task at hand.

The focus of this objective is to ensure operators get the most utility thus revenue out of their existing roaming networks while preparing and launching their 4G networks.

Operators must continue the high quality service and support of existing roaming agreements while simultaneously building out a new network, new roaming agreements and implementations.

In order to remain competitive through this phase we must look for efficiencies within our existing processes including automating what we can so resources can be focused on the future without sacrificing a good roaming customer experience today.

The roaming team reviews typical roaming processes and looks at opportunities for industry wide efficiencies.

This industry thrives on change as do most of us involved in this industry but sometimes it moves so quickly it is challenging to keep up.

The Mobility Development Group roaming team has identified key areas where we can provide tools and resources to help individuals come up to speed in this dynamic environment.

  • As an example of our efforts, multi mode system selection (MMSS) is a critical area for legacy 3G operators maintaining networks with disparate technologies. We have pulled together a portfolio of critical information and resources to help operators better understand system selection. Resources include updated MMSS training, work on MMSS reference documents and the PRL toolsuite being updated to include MMSS.

The roaming team knows this is a different era and in order to be efficient and bring the most value to our members we must collaborate with other industry organizations.

Our team and others within the Mobility Development Group will seek ways to partner with organizations such as the ACG, WBA, GSMA and the CCA as well as work very closely with the other Value Added Services teams within the Mobility Development Group. As a group we will champion key initiatives identified as important to our members.