Preferred Roaming List (PRL) Tools

This set of tools is provided by the Mobility Development Group and will help your organization with the design, editing and testing of PRL files.

How To Install the Tools and how to run them: In order to install the tools download and execute the setup.exe application and follow the screen instructions. After the installation the application is embedded into Microsoft Excel. When you start the Excel application you will be able to see the toolbar and all the available options.

Click here to download the PRL Toolbar Suite Application

CDG PRL Toolbar Suite Tutorial: This is the handout of the MIAMI IRT March ’06. It covers the usage of the three tools as well as real use cases which can be helpful during PRL design and debug.

Click here to download the Narnia Sample Data

Click here to download the PRL Toolbar Suite Tutorial 

Addtional Tool Resources

The Toolbar Components 

    • PRESTO: A configurable PRL import and export utility that enables PRLs to be edited directly in Excel. PRL Presto supports IS-683-A, B and C type PRLs and MCC/MNC format entries of the CDG Document #86 PRL enhancements. PRESTO supports the definition of your own labels. So if, for example, SAME and NEW and SAME and MORE aren’t your thing you can now define them your own way. All settings can be saved. Presto can also support the use of numbers for both GEOs and the priorities inside a GEO if that is more readable for you.
    • PREDICATE (DO functionality added!!): A comprehensive auditor and query utility that loads in the Technical data sheets of your roaming partners and allows full TDS and PRL query by country, operator, market, band class, channel etc. as well as PRL cross-checking. Now with DO functionality, get quick reports of that DO PRL which help you better understand PRLs.

      You can even download a sample of PREDICATE data ready to be used. Based on the Narnia world, this data has been created by the PRL development team to help users understand the PRL tools and to give a neutral point of view in future PRL workshops.

    • PREDICT (first Release!!): A powerful utility that allows the expected behavior of the PRL in the handset to be tested from right inside Excel. This tool mimics the system selection behavior of the handset and can help the PRL developer understand how a PRL may behave in a specific market. Don’t wait for field testing to know and correct your PRL behavior!!

CDG PRL Reference Documents

    • 86 – PRL Enhancements for International Roaming, Ver. 1.0, April 1, 2004
    • 130 – PRL Design, Maintenance and Testing, Ver 1.1, August 17, 2006