Spring 2015 Mobility Global Summit

April 14-15, 2015


The Mobility Global Summit is designed to provide a collaborative and international forum for members and non-members to discuss operations and share best practices. On April 14-15, in San Jose, CA we continued this format as industry leaders came together to discuss LTE deployment, WiFi Integration and M2M services. 

Presentations are now available for download! Please note we are still working to obtain permission from the presenters to post their slides and will post them as we receive permission.  Some presenters have requested that their presentations be made available to MDG members only.  To obtain Members Only presentations, please email info@mobilitydg.org.

Day 1 – April 14

Welcome, Doug Martel, Executive Director, Mobility Development Group

Introduction: Cisco’s Culture of Innovation & the Internet of Things, Dave Dukinfield, Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco

Keynote: Virtualization in Today’s Core Networks, Tom Anderson, Principal Engineer - Mobility Architecture & Evolution, Cisco Mobility CTO

Keynote: Carrier Grade WiFi, Aidan Dillon, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, Accuris Networks (Members Only)

LTE in Unlicensed Band, Mingxi Fan, Vice President Engineering, Qualcomm Research

LTE Deployments, Bobby Kaminski, Director of Product Development, Illinois Valley Cellular

CDMA to LTE Transition, David Smith, Vice President, Network Engineering, Cspire

WiFi Evolution, Yonggang Fang, ZTE TX (Members Only)

VoLTE, Brahm Parasher, Director, Alcatel Lucent

SIM Provisioning via OTA Platform, Kevin An, Technology Manager, Smart Telecom Solutions, SK C&C CorFire

Optimal Architectures for LTE COMP, Andrew Hobbs, Vice President of Product Management, Airspan

3GPP Smart Card Standards, Jayesh Sharma, Staff Engineer for Modem Software, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (Members Only)

Multimode Device Requirements & Evolution path to LTE Only, Manoj Sabhnani, Vice President, Wireless Technology, Apkudo (Members Only)

MDG 209 Voice Options for Multi-Mode Device Requirements, Tony Lee, Principle Engineer, VIA Telecom

MDG 177 Multi-Mode System Selection Device Requirements, Asif Hamidullah, Director Technology, Mobility Development Group

Day 2 – April 15  

Welcome, Doug Martel, Executive Director, Mobility Development Group

WiFi Integration, Dave Dukinfield, Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco

Cross Technology Services

oneM2M Primer, Joesf Blanz, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Intelligent Connectivity: The Fabric of a Smart City, Michal Koenig, Senior Director Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

International Standards Review for M2M Roaming, Kim Jakubowski, Senior Manager – Roaming Services, Alaska Wireless (Members Only)

Cross Technology M2M, Syed Zaeem Hosain, Chief Technology Officer, Aeris Communications Inc. (Members Only)

A Fast Review of IFAST, David Crowe, Numbering Adminstrator, IFAST

GSMA Update, Kathleen Leach, Director, Global Partnerships, Sprint (Members Only)

3GPP RAN Plenary Update, Nick Baustert, Global Standards, Sprint

Certification of 3GPP and 3GPP2 Devices, Nick Baustert, Global Standards, Sprint

Download the Journal distributed at the summit.

In this Issue: 

    • A Letter from Our Host
    • Host and Sponsors
    • Be a Sponsor!
    • A Letter from the Executive Director
    • A Letter from China Telecom
    • The Mobility Development Group at a Glance
    • MDG Membership
    • Small Cells
    • Bridging the Gap
    • Machine-to-Machine Communications
    • IoT (M2M) Opportunities and Challenges
    • Keynote Speakers
    • Presenters, Authors & Panelists