Small Cells: Making the Best Use of Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum

November 10, 2015

Small Cells: Making the Best Use of Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum
By Tony Lutz, Director of Business Development, Qualcomm, Technologies, Inc.

With the 3G and 4G enabled proliferation of smartphones and other mobile data devices, we have all come to expect internet connectivity wherever we go. Video and audio streaming, video calls, social networking, multimedia messaging and mobile gaming are just some of the popular communications and entertainment applications used on today’s wireless networks. And new applications and services are emerging every day. These applications will require significant increases in mobile data capacity.

To meet this demand, mobile networks will use more small cells everywhere—indoors and outdoors, at residences, enterprises, venues and outdoor hotspots. Qualcomm is helping its customers evolve to more of a low cost ad-hoc small cell deployment model with viral, ’unplanned’ 3G/4G small cells deployed more like Wi-Fi. This requires plug and play small cells that are self-organizing and independently adapt to new small cells added or changes in the network topology.

The small cells can now opportunistically be installed anywhere backhaul and power is available. small-cells-1000x-v2Unlicensed spectrum can also be utilized more efficiently. Unlicensed spectrum is technology neutral, and the less crowded 5 GHz band (compared to 2.4 GHz) is well suited for small cells.

In this one-hour webinar, Tony Lutz, Director of Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., helps us understand how small cells and use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum can address the mobile data challenge.

In this webinar Mr. Lutz discusses:

  • How small cells will help us meet the exponential growth in demand for mobile data.
  • How the industry can evolve to a small cell deployment model with viral, ’unplanned’ 3G/4G small cells deployed more like Wi-Fi.
  • How unlicensed spectrum can be used more efficiently to provide additional capacity

About our Keynote Speaker:

Tony Lutz

Tony Lutz

Director of Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


As Dir. of Business Development for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), Tony Lutz drives carrier business development activities for QTI’s small cells and LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U) offerings. Previously, Tony led product management and ecosystem development for LTE Broadcast, a technology that allows mobile network operators to deliver the same content to a large number of users simultaneously. Tony also led MediaFLO’s product management team, responsible for the definition, delivery, and evolution of their mobile TV product and services roadmap. Tony brings over twenty years of industry experience in bringing technology products and services to market. Prior to Qualcomm, Tony served as Director of Product Marketing at NextWave Wireless, where he drove product definition and go-to-market strategies for WiMAX devices. Prior to his work at NextWave, Tony was Dir. of Technology Marketing for Nokia’s CDMA business unit where he led a global team responsible for developing strategy and roadmaps for all mobile applications in Nokia’s CDMA phones. His background spans a range of mobile technologies including video, messaging, applications, and browsing. In addition to an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management Tony holds a BSBA in MIS/Finance from Bowling Green State University.