More Than a Network….It’s an Experience Webinar

September 16, 2015

More than a Network…It’s an Experience
By Todd Cotts, Director of Product Management, Mosaik Solutions

Mobile network consumers (MNCs) have high expectations on the quality of their connection to a mobile network, when using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile network enabled devices.  These expectations are based largely on the marketed coverage of the mobile network operator (MNO).  But reality is that just because certain geographic areas are covered by mobile network technologies (e.g. LTE), the experience of MNCs more often than not does not meet their expectations, especially when it comes to the quality of their data connection.

In this webinar, Todd Cotts, Director, Product Management, Mosaik Solutions discussed (1) the importance of understanding the difference between the Mobile network consumers’ (MNCs) expectation and their experience on mobile networks, (2) how to measure, map, and analyze the MNC’s experience and compare it to marketed mobile network coverage, and (3) how to use the data to set practical expectations with MNCs about their actual mobile network experience in specific areas, and to inform MNCs of things you are doing to improve their experience and what they can do to improve their experience.

About our Speaker: 

Todd Cotts

Todd Cotts

Director, Product Management, Mosaik Solutions


Todd Cotts joined Mosaik’s team in April 2014 as director of product management. He is responsible for balancing the competing interests of Mosaik’s clients, sales and product management to deliver valuable and marketable solutions.

With over 13 years of telecom experience, Todd has served in roles from marketing to product management for some of the industry’s leading names such as Sprint/Nextel and Kyocera Communications. His many areas of expertise include cross-functional collaboration, training and leadership, product lifecycle management, market research, project management, process improvement, customer facing and trade show marketing and the end-to-end RFP process.

Todd earned a B.S. in Business Management and an M.B.A. in Marketing, and he is also working toward his Ph.D in general psychology, with a focus on consumer psychology and user experience. Todd holds master-level certifications in project management, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Lean Six Sigma.