Next Generation E9-1-1, FirstNet and Public Safety Webinar

July 12, 2016

Next-Generation E-9-1-1 FirstNet and Public Safety
By Andy Seybold, CEO & Principal Consultant, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

This webinar will discuss the updating of Public Safety to the current state of the art in call taking, location based services, and FirstNet, the new nationwide broadband public safety network.

Each of these initiatives implemented individually is a monumental undertaking but coordinating and integrating all three is the goal of the public safety, vendor and Federal Government communities.

All of these activities require funding, coordination, and the availability of high-speed back-end transport. In some cases the same broadband transport can be utilized for both Next Generation E911 and the Public Safety broadband network, coordination moving forward it the key to success.

9-1-1 callers will be able to use voice, text, pictures and video to contact the Public Safety answering points (PSAPs). What is available today and what is coming in Next Generation 9-1-1 services?

Meanwhile the new E9-1-1 location rules issued by the FCC will make it easier to locate 9-1-1 callers but the system will still be a long way from being 100% accurate.

Learn about the advances, the changes, and the risks involved in upgrading our Public Safety reporting and communications systems.

About our Keynote Speaker:

Andrew M. Seybold

Andrew M. Seybold

CEO & Principal Consultant, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Andrew Seybold heads Andrew Seybold, Inc. a wireless consulting, education, and publishing company founded in 1991. Clients of the firm include both commercial and public safety entities around the world, and Mr. Seybold’s articles, commentary’s blog are widely read by both wireless sectors.

Mr. Seybold has served on the Motorola Research Visionary Board and IBM’s Mobile Computing Advisory Board, among others. Mr. Seybold is a Fellow in the Radio Club of America for his contributions to the wireless industry, recipient of the Radio Club of America Sarnoff Citation. He was recently honored with two awards from APCO, the Associated Public Safety Communications Officials organization: The President’s Award and a special recognition award. He also received the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) President’s Award for his contributions to Public Safety communications and has been recognized by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPTSC) for his contribution to Public Safety Broadband communications and the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST).

He currently serves as the communications advisor to both the National Sheriff’s Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, is a member of the Strategic Advisory Council for the Department of Homeland Security at the Idaho National Laboratory, and has recently been appointed as a Senior Public Safety Communications Advisor to the Public Safety FirstNet organization.(Contractor)

Andrew Seybold’s COMMENTARY is possibly the most widely read e-newsletter among executives of leading wireless network operators, as is his Public Safety Advocate. He co-founded the Andrew Seybold Wireless University in 1995, which has been attended by thousands of industry professionals and continues to be the only in-depth education program of its kind in the wireless industry. As a trusted authority on wireless technology and business issues, Mr. Seybold has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. He is author of Using Wireless Communications in Business and two other books. He writes for and many industry publications including Wireless Week, Urgent Communications, Fierce Wireless, and others.

Currently Mr. Seybold is a contractor to FirstNet, the Public Safety Broadband Network and serves as a Senior Public Safety Communications Advisor to FirstNet, in addition to his existing consulting assignments with both Public Safety and Commercial clients.