The Mobility Development Group’s Device Program brings together a diverse group of operators, device manufacturers, chipset vendors and application providers, who share a common goal: to facilitate the design, development and commercialization of feature rich and affordable multi-mode devices across all markets around the world. We do this by focusing our efforts across the following areas:

The Device Requirements Group develops detailed design and test specifications based on a shared set of carrier requirements and device functionality for multi-mode environments. This allows for greater economies of scale as manufacturers build their products with a common set of underlying technology enablers that facilitate interoperability across various networks. Operators and vendors can also source and deliver products faster and more economically, while ensuring a level of quality that exceeds consumer expectations. The Device Requirements Team has already published a number of open standard specifications, and is currently working on multi-mode product requirements that allows for seamless interoperability between various flavors of 3G & 4G networks.

Leveraging a tried and tested methodology for procuring and deploying devices globally, the Mobility Development Group members can now take advantage of faster time to market for key iconic products through a common devices roadmap and platform, shared testing and volume discounted pricing. Large Operators can ensure greater interoperability of devices across various partner networks, while smaller operators can have greater access to products.

The Mobility Development Group hosts one-on-one and one-to-many specialized workshops in the areas of device and network interoperability, deployment of multi-mode services, subscriber and UICC management, etc to allow for a transfer of knowledge and adoption of best practices in overall device lifecycle management from around the world. Members can take advantage of shared learnings, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and in general.

We are currently working to develop a detailed device information database that will house technical specifications of various multi-mode products commercialized by the group. In addition, the online portal will offer a self serve section allowing for members to get access to various educational information, whitepapers, technical documents, device webinars, and other types of documentation that will facilitate in planning, deploying and managing devices in the network.