The CDMA Development Group (CDG) has served the wireless community for almost 2 decades. To better serve our members in the future, the organization has initiated a reinvention program that will enable us to more effectively sustain the healthy 3GPP2 technology and Multi-Mode/ LTE supply ecosystem, and help our members to maximize return on their 3G and 4G investments.

Our members have unanimously approved a referendum to change the name of the CDG to Mobility Development Group and to expand our focus to encompass multimode contemporary networks. This name change reflects our vision to serve a broader base of companies, and better represent the needs of multimode network operators.

We will continue to be an engaging and inspiring platform for the mobility ecosystem to address common challenges and opportunities. And our goal remains the same…to support operator network investments by sustaining a healthy multi-mode 3G/4G ecosystem. This is also an opportunity to rededicate our organization to collaboration and transparency.